Saturday, January 31, 2009

And January Ends

So, here it is, the last day of the first month of the last year of the first decade of the 21st century.  Wow- that makes it sound rather important doesn't it?  

Regardless, I've had a bit of an interesting week.  Productive, though I haven't accomplished all I wanted/needed to.  

First off, last week I started feeling slightly ill.  Mostly like something was coming on.  I hate that feeling.  I was sooo stressed with making sure I was getting everything done for school, work, dance, and my new calling.  Saturday morning I slept in on accident, which didn't help my stress levels and the need to get things done.  However, the first thing I did upon waking was contact Ashley, who was notified of my desperation:  I needed a haircut.  And so I got one.  4 inches were swiftly removed and more bangs were created.  

I didn't prepare my lesson the way I should've, which led to me, Super Dave, and another kid in the ward asking incessant questions to the only 2 new people in the ward to take up time.  We did extremely well.  In fact, we took up so much time that all I needed to do was read a quote and bear testimony.  We apparently make a great team.  

This week, I decided stress is not becoming for a young single girl.  Therefore, I resolved to simply do what I could, and do it to the best of my ability, and most of all, to be happy about it.  I feel that I have done rather well at this.  I just kept busy.  

My accomplishments:

1.  Finished choreographing solo #2 out of 4
2.  Finished teaching solo #2 out of 4
3.  Helped two more girls reach a new level of performance I have rarely seen at their age, I was able to pull emotion out of a 11 year old who 'felt nothing', but ended up dishing out some amazing stuff, not to mention her older sister. 
4.  Made two additional possible cuts to music for solo #4 (I'm going to have to settle I know it)
5.  Choreographed the first 50 seconds to solo #4 out of 4
6.  Taught the first 50 seconds to solo #4 out of 4
7.  Finally got around to contacting and purchasing mascara (I've been using my mom's for the past week)
8.  I got my voice back!  (It completely left me for about 3 days)
9.  I completed my application for Cambridge University Study Abroad
10.  Read most of the novel I was supposed to have finished for my History class this week.  20 pages left!

Bad things:

1.  I'm still sick.
2.  I'm sitting here at 9:00 on a Saturday night watching Harry Potter without any friends.  
3.  I'm becoming more and more dependent upon Facebook.  I'm constantly on it via my phone.

So, all in all-

The good greatly outweighs the bad!  Let us all rejoice.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 2009

So here it is, half way through January of the new year! 

A few changes came for me in just the first week or two of the year:

1.  I got a new calling in my new singles ward:  Sunday School Orientation teacher.  (Gotta love those made up callings that come with the singles wards!)
2.  I got accepted to and began attending the University of Utah (4th college in 4 yrs)
3.  I got direction as to a new major in school:  International Studies
4.  I completely withdrew from UVU for the first time since high school.
5.  I became a regular on Trax.  My mornings now begin with chasing down the light rail trains.... just buring more calories i guess.
6.  My days start earlier than they have in years, and every morning I remember in a vivid and very real way that I do not function in the mornings when the moon is still out.  
7.  My room is actually clean. 
8.  I am applying for Cambridge University through the U of U's Study Abroad program for the month of July and hoping I'll get to go!
9.  My computer of 3 years gave me the blue screen of death.
10.  I was forced to purchase a new computer, and I switched from PC to a MacBook.  

Things that haven't changed:

1.  I still love Harry Potter. 
2.  I am obsessed with sweets. 
3.  I am still single.
4.  I still work at Rescue Alert and Rocky Mountain Dance.
5.  My car still hasn't been fixed and therefore buzzes at me whenever a door is locked/unlocked (via key of course, cause the electronic locks broke a long time ago)
6.  I hate spending money and was rather bitter that I had the expenditure of a new computer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, this week has been super crazy. I am extremely unhappy with school- particularly because my teacher decided to move all due dates up to next week.... yeah, school is supposed to end the middle of december, but hey why not just cut the students' work time for their final projects by three weeks? That'll be great....

Next thing- My iPhone stopped working today.

Take a moment of silence and let that sink in...

However, due to some phone CPR and a special touch, with Michael's help I was able to revive my phone. All is well again but I still shudder to think of those 3 hours without my precious lifeline.

Now it's off to work, where I send customers to the Collection Agency, and I feel like a bad person for doing it. It's so hard to do, knowing that the holidays are coming up. :(

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Silly Saturday

So, thank you to those who left comments on my blog! Kara... I'm sorry I didn't tell you- but I really did just set this thing up like 15 hours ago or something. I almost called you last night at like 11 but decided it might be too late.

Anyway- the past 13 hrs of my life have been really just focused around one thing, which i am sad to admit is facebook. Apparently the conversations there have proven each member of my family to be abnormal.... If anyone knows a really good therapist- Really tho, it has been extremely fun and i would recommend that if you have the chance, you should probably read the certain two conversations that occured between my family members.... I only recommend this to people who already know me and the fam tho cause otherwise you might be some sick stocker... so in that case scram!

Tonight it just so happens that I have been offered a free ticket to New Kids On The Block... and yes, i'm going. I don't think i know ANY of their songs..... but it's all for the experience huh?!

I have not done any homework today and i'm kinda feeling bad about it. I had a goal not to have to do any tomorrow, but it looks like that won't be possible. I did finish choreographing the first of 4 solos for this year!!! and she finished learning it today! go mandee! That's an accomplishment- even though i didn't do homework. ={ So, I'll take it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mandee's Sweet Obsessions

Hi, my name is Mandee Bangerter.  If you're reading this.... and stop singing the song... really though, if you're reading this, you already know my name.  I've been conned into creating this blog, just the way I was tricked and pressured into facebooking.  Now that I've created this, I want all ya'll to know that I will be relying on your comments and pure elements of humor which you will leave upon my blog.  (because you will leave them on my blog)  So anyway.... have at it!