Friday, November 14, 2008

Mandee's Sweet Obsessions

Hi, my name is Mandee Bangerter.  If you're reading this.... and stop singing the song... really though, if you're reading this, you already know my name.  I've been conned into creating this blog, just the way I was tricked and pressured into facebooking.  Now that I've created this, I want all ya'll to know that I will be relying on your comments and pure elements of humor which you will leave upon my blog.  (because you will leave them on my blog)  So anyway.... have at it!


Erin said...

Hello Mandee! I am so thankful that I am the first to comment on your blog!!!! I am so glad you jumped on the bandwagon like the rest of us!!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Higley said...


Mike Bangerter said...

Kara you ditched us for Arizona. So.. You pretty much have no room to complain. I heard you saw James Bond though.. How was that ?

PS. Welcome to the blog Mandee.