Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 2009

So here it is, half way through January of the new year! 

A few changes came for me in just the first week or two of the year:

1.  I got a new calling in my new singles ward:  Sunday School Orientation teacher.  (Gotta love those made up callings that come with the singles wards!)
2.  I got accepted to and began attending the University of Utah (4th college in 4 yrs)
3.  I got direction as to a new major in school:  International Studies
4.  I completely withdrew from UVU for the first time since high school.
5.  I became a regular on Trax.  My mornings now begin with chasing down the light rail trains.... just buring more calories i guess.
6.  My days start earlier than they have in years, and every morning I remember in a vivid and very real way that I do not function in the mornings when the moon is still out.  
7.  My room is actually clean. 
8.  I am applying for Cambridge University through the U of U's Study Abroad program for the month of July and hoping I'll get to go!
9.  My computer of 3 years gave me the blue screen of death.
10.  I was forced to purchase a new computer, and I switched from PC to a MacBook.  

Things that haven't changed:

1.  I still love Harry Potter. 
2.  I am obsessed with sweets. 
3.  I am still single.
4.  I still work at Rescue Alert and Rocky Mountain Dance.
5.  My car still hasn't been fixed and therefore buzzes at me whenever a door is locked/unlocked (via key of course, cause the electronic locks broke a long time ago)
6.  I hate spending money and was rather bitter that I had the expenditure of a new computer.


Tyson and Lindsee Torgerson said...

wow mandee!!!! That is a lot of changes in such a short amount of time!!! I am impressed! Nice blog sis! Love ya!

Mandee said...

thank you thank you thank you. It kinda is a lot of change huh? I didn't realize until I made the list. I'm pretty impressed with myself, cause I'm handling it pretty well- which means I've improved drastically in that area in the past few years! Yay for Mandee!

Mr. and Mrs. Higley said...

Thank you for blogging so I can be apprised of all the goings on in your life.

Mandee said...

You're very welcome dearest Kara- I hope you're feeling better! Though I don't think there was anything on here you didn't already know..... =}

Just remember to make sure I can see pics of your new house!!!

Sarah-Ashley said...

Mandee, I found your blog via Michelle's blog which I found via myspace. Hahaha. Anyway, it is good to hear you are doing well. How are you liking the U? International studies sounds like a great idea. And Macs really are the better computer, good choice.